Stimulating and restorative care


SANOU oil, which means “gold” in Bambara, stimulates, repairs and strengthens your dry, damaged and devitalized hair. It enhances your hair, making it shiny and supple. Its texture will become irresistibly soft. 100ml

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SANOU activates afro hair growth, thanks to its 100% natural formula, specific to the needs of black beauties.
Its nourishing action acts deeply and protects hair from drying out.

  • Castor oil: stimulates growth
  • Almond oil: strengthens and prevents dryness
  • Organic argan oil: repairs and softens
  • Avocado oil: makes hair shiny and strong
  • Jojoba: rebalances sebum production
  • Rosemary, cedar, lemon oils: eliminates dandruff, sanitizes and revitalizes hair strands

Our virgin oils have been cold pressed and partly harvested from organic farming in order to reap all their benefits.
Caution: Containing essential oils, this product is contraindicated for pregnant women and children under 7 years.