Kénéya Paris has the honour to present you Seydou KANE, a brilliant craftsman, a sculptor of African wood with peerless talent. Charmed by his skill and always determined to support black business, we are proposing you these exclusive creations for Kénéya, pure wood combs, elegant and handmade.

To enhance his work, we decided to share his story with you :

Seydou KANE is an artist sculptor who started his apprenticeship in Mali, then ended in the hand-crafted village of Soumbédioune in Senegal, in Dakar’s surrounding, where he graduated.

Despite of that, he encounters many difficulties because of lack of means. Therefore, Seydou KANE leaves to live of his art in different countries such as Guinea, Cape Verde and Morocco.

This courageous businessman is trying to fulfil his dream : “catering to his family’s needs by doing a exciting and honourable job”.

Husband and father of three children, Seydou KANE bet on not sailing to continue to practise his art in Africa.

A remarkable course, an extraordinary talent and an iron will. It is a pleasure for Kénéya to work in partnership with the artist Seydou KANE.